We want to fit into your busy life with our tasty Japanese-inspired deliciousness that’s easy, fresh and friendly. Edo Japan is a coming together of the friends, family and neighbours, making up millions of people who are inspired to eat the most delicious teriyaki, everyday.

We are a blend of taste, culture and community. Our founder, Reverend Susumu Ikuta, came from Japan to Canada to share a life full of faith and community. He opened Edo Japan over 40 years ago as a means for both nourishing and providing for the community. This inclusive philosophy is at the core of our company of franchisees to this day. It’s why we blend the words Welcome and Konnichiwa (good day) together and say...


Every day we fire up our traditional teppan grill so we can bring you today’s freshest meals, fast. With premium veggies, choice cuts of Canadian chicken and beef, vegetarian protein options, and more – we never compromise on freshness, taste or speed of service. Gyoza, spring rolls, hand-rolled sushi and other tasty pleasures fill up your Edo Japan experience, and then there’s our famous teriyaki sauce. Enjoyed by millions, this signature sauce is served with the question, “Will that be one scoop or two?”

At Edo Japan we honour our roots by supporting community beyond our restaurants. It has us putting people first through donations and event volunteering. Since 2010, we've been a proud supporter of food banks across Canada, caring, connecting and helping to reduce hunger at the local level year after year. Let’s be great neighbours, together.

Leave happy. Come back hungry.