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Bento Bundle

Our best value offering is even better. Right now, for an additional $4.50, you can turn your Teriyaki meal, bowl or 8-piece sushi order into a bento. It’s like you’re already getting one of your sides for free when ordering a bento. Now you get a free 20oz fountain drink to complete your meal.


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Meal with Teriyaki Meal, Bubble Tea and a Spring Roll

In-store Daily Value Deals

TGI Everyday! Why wait til Friday, when Edo has a different delicious deal every day of the week, in-store. You'll find all your favourites here: Teriyaki, Bento Box, Sushi, Bubble Tea. Family Deals and more. Daily specials at special prices.

Edo Coins


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Teriyaki meal, with teriyaki sauce pouring and coins

Edo Cash

Reward yourself with more Edo. Download the new Edo app and earn Edo Cash rewards.


Famous Teriyaki Sauce. $6.95

Honour the Crave
Teriyaki Sauce

Famous Teriyaki Sauce

Get the flavour you crave, even at home. We’re satisfying cravings by the bottle with our famous teriyaki sauce that’s loved by millions. Make your meal extra saucy or use as a sweet and tangy marinade on other dishes at home.


Bubble Tea. Choose your flavour.

Mango Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Tea time and the shipping is easy. Add a pop of flavour to your day with a refreshing Bubble Tea bursting with tapioca pearls or coconut jellies. Choose one of our 4 flavours. Taro, Strawberry, Mango and Brown Sugar.