About Our Organization

Edo Japan is a coming together of the friends, family and neighbours, making up millions of people who are inspired to eat the most delicious teriyaki, everyday. Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, Edo Japan — often known simply as Edo (ee-doe) — is one of Canada’s fastest growing franchises, with more than 158 locations nationwide.

Founded more than 40 years ago in Calgary, Alberta, the quick-service restaurant was designed to bring communities together through the freshness of Japanese teppanyaki-style cooking. This inclusive philosophy is at the core of our company of franchisees to this day. We take pride in making Edo a welcoming place for both customers and staff, providing you with a fun work environment where you have opportunities to continuously grow and develop.

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Why Work at Edo Japan?

Our hope is that people feel valued and proud to work here. In fact, we aim to be the best employer in every one of our Canadian communities.

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A Great Team

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We work, communicate and support each other in a fun and cooperative team atmosphere. You will make lasting friendships, learn many new skills and have a great time at work.

Flexible Schedules

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Work/life balance is very important to us. We recognize that you have responsibilities and interests outside of work. That’s why we offer flexible schedules to help you choose hours that best fit your life.

Workplace Safety

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Creating a safe and healthy work environment for you is our top priority. Our restaurants have workplace safety programs in place to ensure high safety standards and procedures.


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Learning and development are an important part of our job. It stars as soon as you join the team. Your team show you the ropes, and training continues as you work through the online training program.

Room for Growth

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We work hard to promote a positive coaching environment to help you develop to your full potential in addition to gaining skills and knowledge to advance your career or to become a franchisee or business owner.


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We recognize and reward hard work, dedication, motivation and results. Appreciation comes in many forms: from a simple thank you for a job well done, to recognition through various programs.